Creatrix takes Glitterazzi to Rainbow Serpent

Biodegradable Glitter at Rainbow Serpent Festival

Thank you to the Creatix team for their support, taking our Biodegradable Glitter as their own for Rainbow Serpent 2018 and doing some of the best body I’ve ever seen at a festival. We were tickled that in our first month of operation our eco-friendly glitter was available at one of the best festivals in Australia, even the world.

Glitterazzi at Rainbow Serpent Festival

Inspired by the beauty of the human form, Creatix aim is to empower people, to embrace their potential for transformation, acceptance and uninhibited self-expression, and boy do they do this! The Creatrix team sees the human form as the ultimate canvas, each being unique and dynamic.

Two Rainbow Beauties covered in Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter

The team at Creatix are the most talented body artists in Australia and some of the most beautiful people to work with. We suggest you follow them on Instagram @creatrix_bodyart as their work is truly inspirational. We are so excited everyone loved our biodegradable glitter as much as we do! We look forward to seeing more biodegradable glitter at Australian festivals.

Emily Shurey Co-Founder Glitterazzi at Rainbow Serpent Festival

We love what they do, and what they stand for. We look forward to working with them at other festivals and events! Special thanks to Elfie who is just one of the most delightful humans on this planet. Yay to biodegradable glitter.

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