About Us

Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter

We are Anna and M. After 15 years of partying together and unknowingly littering microplastics at every event we went to, we decided to put a stop glitter litter by offering a biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative - beautiful cosmetic biodegradable glitter in ready to rave solutions.

For us, biodegradable glitter is more than just a business, we want to create a movement - because glitter should never be litter.

Let glitter shine again, but only if it's biodegradable! 

Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter_No Glitter Litter


We do everything we can to be true to respect our environment. We are dedicated to minimal packaging and use the least possible amount of plastic if any at all. All our shipping and wrapping is repurposed. We reduce, reuse and recycle.