Spring Blues - loose biodegradable glitter mix

by Glitterazzi.me


This alluring biodegradable glitter mix is perfect match to the current ISO feelings in Melbourne right now. It's a polarising time for the world, but we're feeling it strongly in Melbourne as we move into spring. 

Spring is usually associated with an upbeat, energised feeling. With the sun now shining more often it is a respite from the cold dark winter, bringing new life and new beginnings. But if you're like us and in Melbourne experiencing COVID lockdown it comes with a feeling of constrained uncertainty.

We say, if you want to shake off the spring blues, then do, and cover yourself in glitter. We also say you have permission to embrace the spring blues and cover yourself in glitter. 

Stay Safe Everyone! Wear a Mask! Be responsible for your health and others around you.

    • Cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter - globally cosmetic regulations compliant. Can be used in cosmetic applications; dry, water-based, alcohol-based and oil-based
    • Marine & wastewater biodegradable
    • Home compost certified
    • Suitable for anaerobic digestion
    • Renewable sourced raw materials
    • Hand-mixed with love in Australia and available in our Tin filled with our 5g or 8g of pink and blue Bio-glitter® mix
    • We suggest applying any of our biodegradable glitter mixes with aloe gel, or a face oil such as jojoba