Plastic Glitter Amnesty - Turn glitter litter into art

Plastic Glitter Amnesty Extended! 

We've all been affected by our current lockdown situation. But here at Glitterazzi we're still collecting plastic glitter from around the world. Keep sending your plastic glitter to us and we'll keep sending back our bioglitter. 

There once was a time when the only glitter available was made of plastic. Just like micro-beads in cosmetics, glitter washes into the ocean because it's too small to be picked up by filtration systems. If you're wearing regular plastic glitter to a festival you're kinda sprinkling the paddock or bush with plastic litter...  😢


When people discover our biodegradable glitter they usually have 1 of 2 responses:

  1. What do I do with my plastic glitter now I've replaced it with bioglitter?
  2. I still have beautiful (plastic) glitter, maybe I'll wait until I've used that up first, but I'll be careful using it.

Running until July 30 2020, Glitterazzi Glitter is liberating you from the burden of plastic glitter, and in return sending out guilt free sparkles.

 (Image above - plastic holographic glitter - pretty but evil)

Introducing the Plastic Glitter Amnesty, where unused plastic glitter will be collected by Glitterazzi and turned into art (sustainably and consciously created of course), so more people can sparkle guilt free!


(Image above - plastic stars, and plastic holographic glitter in different shapes and sizes) 

It's simple:
  1. Round up all your unused plastic craft, cosmetic and holographic glitter in all shapes, size and colours
  2. Post it to our Glitterazzi's studio with your Name (so we know who to thank), Email and Phone (so we can reach you for any reason and invite you to see the art), Postal Address (to ship you the glitter), and your social tags (to tag you in any social posts)
  3. Glitterazzi will send you your favourite 5gm Glitterazzi loose glitter mix as a thank you
  4. Your glitter will become part of an art project about turning trash into art that will be featured in an underground gallery when we get back to normal - more to be announced!

We believe that glitter should never be litter. If you're not comfortable with your non biodegradable, plastic, toxic glitter, off load it to us, and we'll turn your glitter litter into art!

PLEASE NOTE - We can only accept loose glitter and cannot accept glitter gels, makeup or greeting cards.

Send your glitter with your contact details to:

Glitterazzi Plastic Glitter Amnesty
114 Noone Street


Write us a message