Behind the scenes at our Swiss shoot

Earlier in the year, the talented Sandra Gimmel friend and fellow MUD Makeup artist, reached out to do a photo shoot using Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter. I've always loved Sandra's work so of course, we obliged. 


Glitterazzi Glitter Artist Sandra Gimmel applying bioglitter on model Nicole

I loved how Sandra used our the pink glitter as eyeshadow on the stunning Nicole Schenk. However, she didn't stop there. Check out the stunning application down the neck of the handsome Willie.


Glitterazzi Glitter Models Willy and Nicole being shot by photographer Nora Dal Cero

Shot by the extremely talented photographer Nora Dal Cero, our biodegradable glitter looks so stunning. We're so impressed with the photos that you'll see them around our website! 


Pink Glitter Eyeshadow Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter on stunning female model

We love glitter ears, and we loved how Sandra combined pink and violet biodegradable glitters together for this mix on the ear and hand! 


Purple and Silver Glitter Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter on stunning male model

How dreamy is Willie. We just love the masculine glitter look Sandra created down his neck. 

We suggest you follow all of these talented individuals:

Photographer: Nora Dal Cero, @nora_dal_cero_photography
Hair and Make-up: Sandra Gimmel, @sandra.gim
Model: Nicole S. / scout model, @nicole_vegan_but_parmesan
Model: Willie K. / scout model, @williiefreeman

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