Glitter for Tash York & Dolly Diamond

Dolly Diamond has been a supporter of Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter for many years now, so when she contacted me to support their Attention Seeker shows we jumped at the chance.

Dolly Diamond & Tash Youk

She explained that she had paired up with the fabulous Tash York and they were doing a show about getting attention and wanted some glitter to add to the mix.

After an initial chat, we uncovered that we should make unique glitter mixes named after them for them to sell exclusively at their shows. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

Dolly wanted pink, and Tash wanted iridescent and purple, and Emily, our founder, wanted them to have a glitter balm that would steal the show, so suggested using our latest holographic glitter. 

Now the test was on to see how to create two unique mixes that looked great on their own, looked fantastic as a pair but even better as a thrupple.

There were many iterations but we got there and the result is magic!

Exclusive glitter mixes in the making - Tash York & Dolly Diamond


But, here is where the twist comes in. You can’t buy them from Glitterazzi. You can only get them by going to one of their shows.

Check out the list of shows that are near you.

Check out the Dolly & Task Attention Seekers Glitter.

Attention Seekers Glitter Kit


Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter is so proud to have designed these exclusive merchandise for these two very talented performers. Chat to us if you’d like your very own glitter mix designed.

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