To Glitter or Not to Glitter on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Glitter

I just want to make it clear, at Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter we don’t believe a wedding day is the only best day of your life, and that it should not be the day you've been waiting for all your entire life.

Marriage is not for everyone, but it can be everything to others. Some will have no wedding days and others may have a few. We support all choices, decisions and beliefs, but what we don’t prescribe to is women and men, being told that they just need to find their "prince charming" and then they can live happily ever after. We believe you need to do the inner work to find true happiness within yourself and everything else is a delightful extra that you can choose to take or leave.

In saying the above, glitter is still a very wonderful, if not divine accompaniment to any celebration and especially for one where two people are committing their love for each other aka a wedding.

And we honour and celebrate (and encourage) all brides and grooms to choose to look glamorous and sparkly for their wedding celebrations. Glitter is the perfect way for couples to incorporate additional sparkle into the party (and their happily every after life - giggle). 

📸 + ✨ by Glitter Gals

Whether you are looking for the perfect sparkly eyeshadow to accentuate your eyes, a glitter beard to create a bold sparkly statement as you walk down the aisle, a sprinkle of fine glitter on your clavicle for a little extra but understated glam, or a toss across the table for fun deco decorations, glitter is the perfect addition to an already stunning wedding ensemble. 

But sadly, regular glitter is plastic, and not all biodegradable glitter is made equal. Our biodegradable glitter is Bioglitter™ and is made from plant cellulose, a product derived from renewable sources such as eucalyptus trees. The properties of biodegradable glitter make it perfect for brides and grooms who want an eco-friendly choice for their glitter wedding makeup or decorations. But not only is Glitterazzi biodegradable glitter a safe, environmentally friendly option, that is also less likely to irritate the skin.

When incorporating glitter into your wedding day celebrations, there are plenty of options. And real biodegradable glitter is the way to go, it's indistinguishable from regular glitter and can be used to create both a subtle and a dramatic effect — the choice is up to you! 

For a subtle and understated look, you could:

  • Use fine biodegradable glitter, like our casual glitter range as a glitter eye accent just in the corner of your eye.
  • You could wear one of our liquid shimmer oils, they will not only make your skin soft and dewey, but will leave you smelling so delicious (nothing too potent so you can still wear your wedding perfume), and of course slight shimmery glitter effect. 
  • You could use our shimmer balms as a highlighter on your cheekbones or a sweep just over your clavicle (collar bone). 
Wedding Glitter Bride Gold GlitterWedding Glitter Groom Gold Glitter
📸 + ✨ by Glitter Gals

    For a more glamorous (or extreme glitter) look, you could:

    • Opt for a full glitter eyeshadow, for this we suggest a fine or med chunky glitter mix, like our Utopia casual glitter mix or Electra in our holographic glitter range. Alternatively you could select any biodegradable glitter mix  for a more festival glitter style application where you put glitter across your cheek bones or continue it up around the eye in a C shape.  
    • What about adding glitter to your hair (face hair aka beard is also an option). Just use a more generous amount of aloe gel than you would use on your face to make the glitter stick. You can match your theme colour or going a complementary or stand out colour instead.
    • Consider having a glitter station (either manned with a glitter artist or DIY style) or roving glitter artists like Glitter Gals at your wedding for your guests to get all glittered up. This is a wonderful idea that is so much fun for kids, parents, grandparents and all the singles alike!
    Wedding Glitter Bride GlitterWedding Glitter Groom Glitter

    📸 by Hawthorne Creative & ✨ by Glitter Gals

      Whatever you choose on your wedding day, there is a biodegradable glitter option for you. And if you can’t find a glitter mix to match your colour theme, contact us and tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make you something just for you! (and we don’t charge extra because it’s a wedding - we don’t believe in that)


      Are you looking for someone to do you wedding glitter for your wedding?

      If you are looking for someone to do your wedding glitter reach out to the Glitter Gals who did the glitter for the couples wedding featured in this article. Photography by Hawthorn Creative

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