Bioglitter bath - a guilt free sparkly self care ritual you can do at home

Did you know Glitterazzi bioglitter is safe to use in the bath? In fact, we believe it is the only glitter you should use in the bath. Why? Because at Glitterazzi we only use Bioglitter (the whole product, not just the ingredients) and Bioglitter™ is independently tested by OWS Belgium to ISO14851/2 freshwater biodegradability and is therefore proven to biodegrade into harmless substances in all natural environments, but especially wastewater, freshwater and marine water environments.

Bioglitter bath, a sparkly and eco friendly bath ritual using Glitterazzi bioglitter

But just because it’s safe to flush it down the drain, doesn’t mean you should. We suggest limiting the impact on the environment as much as possible and prefer to see as much of the glitter used in a glitter bath find its way to decompose rather than degrade in our water environments. 

Our entire range of biodegradable loose glitter mixes are bath time safe, but our cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE and HOLO are exceptionally suitable for bath play such as in DYI bath bombs or just popped directly in the bath for a glittery effect.

Bath glitter using Glitterazzi loose bioglitter

A bioglitter bath is a colourful and sparkly experience. It’s like adding a touch of magic to your self care bath routine. The bioglitter pieces float and sink in the water to create a swirl of glittery colour for a delightfully playful yet relaxing experience, one that is also kind on our environment.

bath glitter using Glitterazzi bioglitter: eco friendly glitterbath glitter on leg using Glitterazzi bioglitter; eco friendly glitter

While our bioglitter is wastewater safe, we always recommend straining your bath to stop as much bioglitter from going into the wastewater as possible. Here M our founder is using a mesh bag she got with something else, to strain the bath to collect as much of the glitter as I possible. When you do this you can then pop it into a plant or shake it on your garden or grass to biodegrade into harmless particles like water, biomass, and carbon dioxide.

Mesh bag to strain Glitterazzi bioglitter glitter from bathHow to strain glitter from bath

So next time you’re running a bath, we suggest you gather all your plants, all your candles and then sprinkle in some bioglitter of your choice and enjoy a little glitter magic in your bioglitter bath.

You can check out the video M created on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow for tips and tricks and all things bioglitter!

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