How does bioglitter biodegrade? | Earth Day post

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainability. It was first celebrated in 1970 and is now recognized in over 190 countries worldwide.

The purpose of Earth Day is to encourage individuals and organisations to take action to protect the planet and its natural resources. However at Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter we believe every day should be Earth Day. 

But in honour of Earth Day 2023, we decided to do a little experiment to watch and see how our biodegradable glitter actually degrades.

But first what is biodegradable glitter really? Biodegradable glitter is an eco-friendly type of glitter that uses plant-derived regenerated eucalyptus cellulose rather than plastic. At Glitterazzi we only use Bioglitter™ and the only glitter proven to biodegrade into harmless substances once makes contact with the natural environment.

For our experiment, we are replicating what happens when glitter lands in a natural environment like a paddock or field.  You can also watch it on Instagram

How does biodegradable glitter biodegrade? The Earth Day test The biodegradability test for bioglitter


We took a shallow pot that was lying around the house and filled it with a potting mix - just like you would a new plant. 

We then layout the glitter on the the earth. Took it outside and sprayed it with water to start the process. And we will monitor it for the next few weeks reporting back by updating this blog article. 

How does biodegradable glitter biodegrade? Testing how bioglitter biodegrades


We will update the post every few days over the next few weeks to show you how the process works! #watchthisspace


How does bioglitter biodegrade? 

Once the Bioglitter™ enters the natural environment such as landfill, a farmer’s field, wastewater or our pot of potting mix, microbes will start to consume the cellulose core turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Rethink icon Bioglitter™ does not dissolve in water, it needs bacteria and other microorganisms to biodegrade.

There are a number of factors in how fast the bioglitter will biodegrade. These are local environmental factors, such as heat, moisture and concentration of microbes. Like a leaf, the Bioglitter™ will degrade faster in warm and wet conditions.

For us at Glitterazzi, biodegradable glitter is more than just a business, it is a movement that is why we only uses real biodegradable glitter Bioglitter™; that is designed to break down naturally in the environment over time. Glitterazzi Biodegradable Glitter is made from plant-based materials such as eucalyptus, and it is free from harmful chemicals and microplastics. It is also packaged in eco-friendly materials and is shipped in recycled or salvaged packaging because we believe glitter (and everything it comes in) should never be litter.

Glitterazzi Glitter Reduce Reuse Recycle


In addition to its biodegradability, Glitterazzi biodegradable glitter is cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan, making it a sustainable and ethical choice for conscious consumers. By choosing Glitterazzi, you can enjoy the sparkle and shine of glitter knowing exactly what the glitter is doing to you and the earth.

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