Tools Gold - loose biodegradable glitter mix



If like us, Tool is for you a style-transcending act, a spiritual ritual, a damn fine prog metal band then our Tools Gold bioglitter mix is the best homage you could think of. 

Listening to their music is a spiritual awakening; a ‘tool’ for expanding consciousness. With psychedelic influence, there is no central artist and these 4 separate pieces of the same puzzle all contribute equally to the creation.

Tools Gold Glitterazzi Biodegradable glitter was brought into being from a lifetime of respect for such an influential band for music and the mind alike!

    • Cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter - globally cosmetic regulations compliant. Can be used in cosmetic applications; dry, water-based, alcohol-based and oil-based
    • Marine & wastewater biodegradable
    • Home compost certified
    • Suitable for anaerobic digestion
    • Renewable sourced raw materials
    • Hand-mixed with love in Australia and available in our Tin filled with 5g or 8g of Cosmetic Sparkle Bioglitter®
    • We suggest applying any of our biodegradable glitter mixes with aloe gel, glitter glue, or a face oil such as jojoba